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Is recovery possible and what does it mean to you?

Is recovery simply about symptom relief? Is it a lottery or a luck of the draw? It is about holding onto a dream and making it happen? or is it about freeing yourself from the stigma of mental health and choosing to moving forward?

There are lots of ways we can think about recovery, for ourselves and for others. Since 2012 the Advancing Recovery in Ireland (ARI) initiative is supporting local mental health services to be more recovery focused and person centred.

The "recovery principles" are at the heart of the work completed by Michelle in Anchor Therapy. Our belief is that recovery is a lot more than simply symptom relief, it is about living a life worth living with meaningful social connections, roles and routines. It is about moving from using the word "possible" to "probable". It is about hearing someone's story. It is about working together, in collaboration, side by side. For us, most importantly it is about instilling hope and belief in oneself that they can live their best life, the life of their choosing.

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