About Anchor Therapy


​Anchor Therapy 

  • Ireland's first and only, recovery-focused Mental Health Occupational Therapy service based in the community.

  • Therapy whenever, where ever: you have the choice. You can meet with Michelle or another Anchor Therapy OT in an office in Ballsbridge or Ranelagh, or she can meet you in your place of work, at home, in school or in any other context that lends itself to benefiting you.

  • Provides an alternative therapy option for people outside of the usual talk therapy: Yoga therapy and Occupational Therapy. 

  • Therapy is driven by your goals, interests and values- not by your diagnosis. 

  • Supports people who may not feel ready, able or interested in engaging in typical "talk therapy" services. 

  • Available to everyone over 12 years old experiencing mild-moderate mental health concerns and stressors.

  • Michelle's focus is on building a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship with the people she works with. She believes that it is through this relationship that change an occur.

  • Michelle provides individual and group sessions.



Our Mission: Therapy whenever, where ever

Anchor Therapy's mission is to increase options for people wishing to access best practice mental health care in the community

Our Vision

Anchor Therapy's vision is that the people of Ireland who are struggling with their mental health will be able to collaborate with a highly skilled, recovery focused and passionate group of professionals who work on the one team in the community.

An anchor helping a sailboat to stay in 1 place. Anchor Therapy is a safe place.

Why the name Anchor Therapy?

An anchor helps a ship to stay in one place, to stay connected to the ground and to stay safe.

In therapy Michelle provides a space that is safe and supportive just like an anchor. She uses grounding techniques, mindfulness and therapy techniques which can help you to feel calm and strong while facing storms and uncertain times.