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"We have learned that trauma is not just an event that took place sometime in the past; it is also the imprint left on the brain and the body"

Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score.

Michelle is a certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator with the Trauma Centre in

Massachusetts. Michelle facilitates 1:1 and group yoga sessions. 

Sessions can be held online during the current pandemic.

This yoga approach may be relevant for you if you've had an experience of complex trauma in the context of relationships. Perhaps this happened in childhood maybe involving neglect or hands on trauma.

What is Trauma Informed/ sensitive Yoga and how is it different from regular yoga?

  • A practice of mindful yoga movements where you have the opportunity to notice sensations in your body, perhaps feel something in your body or maybe make a choice around what shapes you might like to take with your body. 

  • There is no physical assisting during this practice like you might find in a typical yoga class.

  • You are not directed into a pose which happens in a typical yoga class, you are invited. You have the choice to participate or not.

  • Michelle is an equal participant in the practice. There is no power dynamic.

  • It can be practiced sitting, standing or on a mat. This is something that you might explore over time.

  • You are invited to make movements with your body in a safe, comfortable way.

  • It is not an exercise class, it is not directional, it is not trauma.

  • Watch a video of Michelle guiding a TSY practice

The Trauma Centre has produced compelling research on the evidence of Trauma Sensitive Yoga as part of a person's recovery.Watch a video about the benefits of Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga here.


TSY is listed as the first dedicated yoga program/practice for the treatment of psychological trauma. 

Yoga for trauma

Yoga for complex and developmental Trauma in Dublin

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