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Anchor Therapy OTs offer support to young people aged 13-25 years who are experiencing low mood and depression, worry and anxiety, ADHD, trichotillomania, first episode psychosis, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties and stress. We do not support children under 13 years of age.

OT support can help you to manage anxiety, worry and stress more effectively in school, at home or in college building on your skills and coping strategies. It can also help you to:

  • Develop confidence and communication skills in social settings

  • Develop and retain positive relationships with friends and family

  • Build effective study skills to help with school and college demands

  • Improve and build positive self-care skills for the mind (yoga, mindfulness, breathing).

  • Develop meaningful leisure interests and social connections

  • Practice skills necessary for living independently (managing money, cooking, using public transport etc.)

  • Manage hyperactivity and sensory processing difficulties which may be affecting your learning and concentration.

Mental Health Support for Teenagers and Young People

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