Michelle Murray, Occupational Therapist, supports adults who are experiencing low mood and depression, worry and anxiety, developmental trauma, ADHD, trichotillomania, schizophrenia, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties and stress. 

OT can help you to:

  • Build skills and confidence to prepare you for working again if you've had some time off due to ill-health

  • Negotiate back to work accommodations with your workplace by providing you with a thorough OT assessment of what supports might need to put in place at work.

  • Develop confidence in social settings.

  • Build social connections, leisure interests and supports.

  • Practice effective communication and assertiveness skills necessary for work and home.

  • Develop skills to live independently (managing money, cooking, using public transport, self-care etc.).

  • Manage stress more effectively at home and in work.

  • Develop healthy self-care routines and habits (yoga, breathing, mindfulness).

  • Improve organisational, time management and communication skills necessary for volunteering and working.

  • Gain employment/ volunteer opportunities.


An OT will assess the difficulties you may be experiencing and together you can practically work through some goals that support your development, learning, motivation and performance in your chosen activities.

OTs can support adults who experience barriers and challenges in their place of work by advocating on their behalf/ empowering them to advocate for themselves.


For more information about how OT can help you make an enquiry here.

Mental Health Support for Adults

Phone: 083 056 6592

Email: info@anchortherapy.ie


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