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Client Reviews and Testimonials

I’ve been working with Michelle for a good number of weeks on emotional regulation. I had never been able to navigate my emotions properly, my parents were not into that sort of thing and I did not learn to deal with them as a child. As an adult this was becoming a problem and it was the cause of some anxiety buildup when challenges came my way.

Michelle has helped me to understand the connection between mind and body, and how the psychological and the physical are totally interconnected. I think awareness of my body, mindfulness of the body has been a great discovery and a surprisingly nice way to sooth oneself and regain control over emotional responses. I have a pretty intense job, the usual office job. So I quickly realised how little I was really paying attention to my body and what my body needed.

Michelle has extensive expertise in dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy along with her OT training and experience, and that makes a huge difference in terms of targeting personalised and specific emotional reactions and doable responses one can practice. She is also very pleasant, personable and gentle while having a clear idea of how to intervene and work on those aims agreed at the beginning of the sessions.


-Maria (36), South Dublin

My experience with Michelle has been and still is great. I’ve seen a lot of mental health professionals over the years and nobody has been more helpful throughout my path to recovery. Michelle is productive and motivating and has been successfully constructive in improving my lifestyle in the most positive ways. I’d strongly recommend Anchor Therapy.


-Rebecca (21), South Dublin

I've seen Michelle at Anchor Therapy as an OT for the past few years in various ways and every single time has been more than worth it. She has really helped me to focus in on issues I was having with work and life and figure out ways to tackle them productively. She is a very genuine, kind and thoughtful person and I highly recommend her practice. 5/5

- Laura (27), Dublin

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