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Initial session: This can take place in our office space in Ballsbridge

(see picture) or in Ranelagh, in your home, at school or at a location of your choosing.

Typically, you can decide this over the phone when you speak to Michelle.

Therapy sessions: there's no set number of sessions that you have to commit to. Once you meet Michelle and set some goals, you can decide together how many sessions you might like to try. This can be re-evaluated as you go and you can stop sessions whenever you like. Session locations may change over time (for example it may be helpful to meet in a local coffee shop to practice social skills), however this is something that you and Michelle will decide upon together, depending on what goals you might be working on.

Therapy Space in Ballsbridge. Calming and safe. Anchor Therapy Mental Health Support.

The Therapy Journey towards Recovery

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