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The link between vitamin D levels and psychological well-being

Getting some much needed rays and vitamin D today after a grey few days In Dublin! It made me think about de-motivated i feel to be outside when the sky is grey but also about how important this is for my self-care and well-being.

Did you know that there's a link between increased levels of Vitamin D and psychological well-being?

Vitamin D is produced when bare skin is exposed to sunlight. Check out this article for some really useful information about this topic.

Some tips:

Try get outside for 10 minutes a day

Walk to the shop instead of driving

Stand on your balcony/ in the garden and do some stretches

Wrap up, open the window at home and feel the air (hopefully sunshine!) on your face and body.

Michelle Murray is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist working in Dublin. Michelle works with teenagers, young adults and adults with mental health concerns promoting recovery and well-being in the community.

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