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The brain of a teenager: what's really happening!

The adolescent brain is often compared to a high-performance sports car – fast, powerful, and keen to go hard on the bends- but without the brakes. Most of our teen's behaviour can actually be explained by the changes that are occurring in their brains and their bodies and once this is understood more clearly, we as a society can learn how to better support our teens.

Think about the kinds of words you typically associate with teenagers? Most of us will most likely think about words such as "difficult, moody, argumentative" which are criticising and condemning our teenagers for simply developing and trying to be heard.

It's important to really understand the brain of a teenager in order to respond to them in the most appropriate way for their needs (and for yours!). Have a read here to learn about the powerful and fascinating changes that are occurring in the brain of our teens. Let's start thinking about the language we use to describe adolescents and show them the respect they deserve!

Michelle Murray supports teenagers who may be going through a difficult time at school or at home, helping them to understand their emotions and manage study, routines, relationships and stress more effectively. Michelle can support teenagers indivdually and/ or in groups.

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