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Floating adrift lately?

It's very normal to feel up and down and to go through choppy times in life. Recently, I've been chatting a lot to people about what helps them to feel grounded and present during these choppy times. It's not easy to figure it out, especially when big storms are looming and this is okay.

Sometimes it's about just taking a moment to breathe, connect with your body and notice your senses. Become aware and the storms might just ease of a little.

These conversations remind me of why I choose the name Anchor Therapy.

For me an anchor helps a sailboat to stay in one place, to stay connected to the ground and to stay safe. An anchor can help us to maintain steadiness during times of stress and worry.

Have a think about what is your anchor?

It might be chatting to a friend, baking a cake, or spending time with your dog? Maybe it's your breath or your diary. Perhaps it taking some medication or talking to a therapist.

Take some time daily to use your anchor until the time arrives for you to sail on again.

Michelle Murray uses grounding techniques, mindfulness and therapy techniques which can help you to feel calm and strong while facing storms and uncertain times. Send Michelle a message.

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