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Feeling safe- Occupational Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga

I was pretty chuffed to be mentioned in the Culture magazine as part of the business post on Sunday

for me physical assisting in a yoga practice is a definite no-go. It is unpredictable, it invades someone's personal space and takes control away from that person. For me, it is everything that yoga should not be.

As an OT and Trauma informed Yoga facilitator I believe that everyone who enters my office space is worthy of feeling listened to and heard and most importantly safe. Safe to be vulnerable, safe to practice being present, safe to open up, safe to dream and make choices about their future.

It's important that we start to educate ourselves better about these kinds of issues. We never know what kind of past traumas people have experienced and so we must allow for this to ensure that the therapy and yoga services we are offering are accessible to all.

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