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Self-Care Time

Being stuck inside for a few days can affect us all in different ways: not having work, school or our typical day to day routines can often trigger anxious thoughts or feels of uncertainty. Some of us usually cope with thoughts like these by busying ourselves day in and day out. It can be in these moments that they creep back in.

Other people may be bored, under-stimulated and perhaps lonely evoking feelings of sadness and emptiness. Some of us may be feeling burned out and relieved to have some down-time at home.

Have a think about how you are feeling there something you can do today for you and only you?!

Here are some examples:

  • Do some gentle body stretches being guided by a youtube video

  • Practice a body scan for 10 minutes. (see link)

  • Look outside the window and observe what you can see, maybe even open the window and feel the air.

  • Bake something delicious.

  • Call/ Text an old friend or family member that you've been meaning to contact for a while.

  • Make a list of some changes you'd like to make to your routine.

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