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Supporting survivors of trauma to experience choice, control and empowerment through Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an empirically validated clinical intervention used in conjunction with other therapies to support survivors of complex trauma or treatment resistant PTSD. Yoga helps to calm the mind and body, however trauma sensitive yoga has specific benefits for participants. It's a collaborative process between a specially trained yoga teacher and the student.

How does it work?

A teacher invites the student to practice a series of poses that provide an opportunity to develop a heightened sense of body awareness and control while empowering participants to make choices about how and when they move their body. Each practice is slow and mindful. A participant can practice trauma sensitive yoga in a group or individually. A teacher will participate in the class alongside the participant, fostering equality and collaboration.


Leaders in the field of Trauma at The Trauma Centre in Boston have conducted studies highlighting the importance of this intervention and as a result it is now recognised and practiced world wide; in hospitals, community centres, prisons and in people's homes. You can read more about this research here.

Without a deep anchor in ourselves and our bodies, we are adrift in the sea of life.

Michelle is a trainee Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher with the Trauma Centre in Boston. Michelle practices Mindful Yoga and Trauma Sensitive yoga with people individually and in groups. Send Michelle a message to learn more about how this approach might help you.

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