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Is Mindfulness a fad?

There are a lot of misconceptions around mindfulness, including that it’s a fad with no evidence base. However, there is plenty of emerging evidence to say that mindfulness is proving to be helpful for people who are experiencing mental health concerns, along with those who consider themselves to be mentally well. In general mindfulness is being proven to help us to:

- Make the most of our potential

- Cope a little better with life's ups and downs

- Feel more connected to the people in our lives

- Perform our best in school, at work, and in our important life roles

- Notice and feel grateful for what we have

I tried it but nothing changed?!

I hear you! Mindfulness takes time and practice, just like any other skill and habit that you're working on.

We somehow manage to brush our teeth every single day, we learn this skill as a child and for most of us it's part of our daily routines and habits. Typically, we brush our teeth daily to maintain health teeth and gums and ensure fresh breath.

Now think about what we would be like if practiced mindfulness everyday? We could potentially foster healthier and happier minds which could help us manage stress, anxiety and burnout more effectively.

In a nutshell, to reap the benefits we need to practice being mindful everyday.


Use your senses- notice what's around you.

Breathe slowly and deeply

Stop and take a moment to appreciate something

Stretch and notice your body

Try this mindful exercise next time you brush your teeth!

Michelle Murray at Anchor Therapy supports people to develop a practice of mindfulness. Send Michelle a message and follow her on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

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