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Self- Reflection and Growth

Self reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. Reflecting is an important part of learning and helps us to question the way we think, behave and react in different situations. It helps us to question why we do certain things and identify positive changes that we may need to make. Read more about how self-reflecting can help you here.

Some reflective questions to ask yourself today:

  • Strengths – What are my strengths? For example, am I well organised? Do I remember things?

  • What qualities do I have that can make life more difficult ? For example, am I easily upset by others?

  • Skills – What skills do I have and what am I good at?

  • Are there things that I am unhappy with or disappointed about?

  • What makes me happy?

  • What do I do to help others? Could I do more? Is helping others important to me?

  • How do others perceive me?

  • Do I offer inspiration?

  • What are my values?

  • What is most important to me?

Michelle Murray at Anchor Therapy can support you to reflect and learn more about how you think, behave and react in different situations. Send Michelle a message to learn more. Follow Michelle on facebook and instagram for more tips and insightful thoughts.

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